Wastop – Backflow Prevention in a Variety of Forms

Wastop has to be one of the best backflow prevention solutions on the market and comes in a variety of forms including bespoke designs as well as the standard stainless steel variants. It can be configured to fit the most challenging of locations and is available with a variety of bells and whistles such as a self testing function and tamper proof installation – no more unscrewing of the front casing. We can even help you select the correct sized model for your particular application.

The top of the range bespoke designs are a must have in your tool kit and all are backed by a dedicated customer service team to ensure that your installation is a success. It all starts with your first enquiry and ends with your bespoke solution in place and on time, every time!

ORIGINAL inline check valve

The original and industry leading wastop is an inline back flow & flood prevention valve. Its patented construction stops back flow in drains, provides flood protection and prevents infiltration of the pipeline by insects, small animals, flotsam & gases. It also prevents sewage odour spreading in pipe networks. The wastop can be inserted inside almost any existing pipe and is installed horizontally, vertically or at an inlet or outlet.

WaStop is available in stainless steel grade 304 or 316, with either a cone-shaped chloroprene membrane or an inert rubber diaphragm. Its unique construction allows flow to pass normally through the pipe but when backflow occurs, the membrane fills and seals the pipe to stop any return of water or gas. Designed to withstand up to 12 meters of back pressure.

For over 14 years wastop has led the way with its unique patented construction stopping back flow in drains, providing flood protection and odour control. It also prevents infiltration of the pipeline by insects, small animals and flotsam & gases. Wastop is available in stainless steel flanged at one or both ends for factory fitting onto precast headwalls, into tidal or other outfall walls or installed inline with existing pipework.

Wastop is a unique inline non return valve (NRV) which incorporates a cone-shaped chloroprene membrane that allows flow to pass in the normal direction but seals when backflow occurs. The membrane fills with water or gas and acts as a stopper, blocking all backflow in the pipe or drain. This enables the valve to function autonomously without any human interaction and does not require any electricity, maintenance or constant adjustment.

Wastop is available in a wide range of sizes, to fit most pipe and drain types from DN75-DN800.